Southern Culture on the Fly has been around for some time now, and they have been pushing out one of the better emagazines in my opinion.  Loaded with cool videos, photography and stories about all things flyfishing.  The new Fall issue went live earlier this week and inside the pages you'll find a rather easy pattern that some of you have seen me tie recently.   

The Simple Minnow is just that, simplicity in a modern platform with some of todays favorite materials and techniques.  If you wanna make it even simpler, throw a Fishmask on as your finisher rather than spend the time with making a uniform resin head.  Personally, I prefer the resin but that's just me as I feel I have more control over the shape of the head, and the fly looks a heck of a lot cleaner to me.  Do what you wish it will hunt regardless.  Check it out on page 138 of the Fall issue, simply click the SCOF logo above.  


Rich Strolis - The Simple Minnow - FUR AND FEATHER MATINEE - Southern Culture On the Fly - Issue No. 25 from Southern Culture on the Fly on Vimeo.

Here is just the start of some tying videos for this "flytying season", stay tuned for more.  See you all soon.  





Chris Martin
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