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New Book!

Catching Shadows Tying Flies For the Toughest Fish And Strategies For Fishing Them

If you are looking to purchase a signed copy of the book, you can do so here.
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Social Media And Observations From Afar.

Do you still get out to fish? I hear this exact phrase quite a bit these days, even after completing the daunting task of writing a book. Although some harmlessly ask this question, some on the other hand judge other's level of competence with a fly rod on the number of fish pictures on their Instagram feed. Not gonna lie, when I was a bit younger and felt that it was of utmost importance, I too probably judged some of my fellow fisherman. I guess it's human nature, apparently I grew out of it, or maybe I see things a little more clearly as I get older. Whatever it is, I will say this, my level of competence or skill does not have a direct correlation with my "social media feeds". If anything, I post less, enjoy the fish that I catch more, and although I may not fish as much as I did when I was responsibility free, I still like to think that I know my way around a trout stream.
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Bob Heitman
Rich, I wanted you to know that your tying videos and instruction have been a real inspiration to me in 2010. At the beginning of the year, I said … read more

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